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  • The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum, caters to cancer patients coming from in and around Kerala. So far, RCC was requiring a minimum of 150 units of blood daily. With the increase in the number of Cancer cases, this requirement count is on the rise. Meeting this need on a continual basis is difficult for the hospital and moreover for the patients.

  • Earlier, when TEJUS received blood requirements from RCC, we circulated that information with those donors registered with us and across Technopark. However, donors found it hectic to drive from Technopark to RCC and then drive back after donation in between their work schedule. Traffic congestions only made things worse.

  • These feedbacks from the donors and constraints pushed Tejus to bring in a process that will make it convenient for all parties, thereby boosting more effective and comfortable donations. We launched “Prajyot” on January 1, 2015.

  • Thus, Prajyot is an activity of TEJUS, which was initiated to provide continual blood donation support to RCC and is now extending to other Govt. hospitals too. With the help of the TEJUS helpdesk and TEJUS members in Technopark, cabs ply employees and other interested donors from Technopark, to RCC on a regular basis. We are planning to include donors for this activity from places around Technopark.

  • With whole-hearted support and transportation provided by IBS Software, D+H Solutions, and Flytxt Mobile Solutions, donors are able to comfortably participate in blood donation on a regular and scheduled basis.

  • In the current PRAJYOT schedule, IBS sponsors 5 six- seater cab trips to RCC, D+H sponsors 2 eighteen- seater cab trips every month, and Flytxt sponsors cabs on a need-basis. Their commitment has been a big boost for TEJUS. Besides the 5 trips, TEJUS also organizes cabs on other days.

  • This service is bringing in much comfort to the patients and their families mainly to those from outside Trivandrum visiting RCC.

  • Spread the message and be a part of this noble initiative. We request you all to register with us as voluntary blood donor and also try to sponsor at least 1 day, to help us out in ensuring that this service is available and active on a daily basis.

  • We aim to ensure 100% self-sufficiency in satisfying blood requirements of SCT hospital and Regional Cancer Centre by the year 2020.

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