Why Blood Donation is Important?

For many people, blood donation could be scary thing to do, but for others it is a life saving act. After one donation the scary part vanishes and all the myths around blood donation disappears. You are actually saving lives by donating blood and this donation part is going to take just 45 minutes or less. Generally, an individual over the age of 16 are allowed to donate blood and also donor should be in good health condition.

And also, you should give at least eight weeks gap between every donation. In our busy life, most of us don’t have time for donation, But most government are arranging donation camp in their workplaces, and even working organizations are arranging blood camps to make everyone realize the importance of blood donation.

Donating blood is unique contribution for society and there is no other substitute for our blood. By donating blood, no one is going to lose their blood. Most people would require blood transfusions at some point of their life. And also, everyone should understand that blood donation is safe and all the materials used in one person are disposed immediately. Within 24 hours, our body has the ability to replace the amount of blood lost during the donation.

Blood donation also prevent accumalation of iron. Reduce the risk of heart disease in men & stimulates the generation of red blood cells.

As we donate the blood the body system has to regain it as per requirments, hence body system get freshly energised & its healthy for it.

Donate blood to save a life. That could be your loved ones or yourself.

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