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“Once, a young man was walking by the street.

In that street on the walkway, there were many people, helpless and distressed. Many were beggars due to their inability to work, and their hands or legs were broken. A few waiting for alms and most of them were very poor and old, who were unable to take care of their health, suffering with wounds and sores.

Shocked and awe-struck, the young man asked God, “You take good care of me, you keep me healthy and sound, and you have given me wealth to fulfill my needs, but God, why have you left these people rejected?, Why are these people in torment and, why are you not caring for the weak? ”

The God answered, “I made you healthy, wealthy and wise to take care of the weak, to take care of the needy” Yes, my dear friends, God has made us with all good things of life, so that we are the helping hand for the poor, the weak, the diseased and the distressed.

TEJUS is one such community of young and likeminded people who are ready to take up this sacred task in the form of blood donations, financial assistance for the needy and much more. As the first step in this regard, this website is created for facilitating Blood donations that could save a million lives across India. This can be possible if every person visiting this site makes up his mind to donate his/her blood, as someone said “Blessed are the young who can Donate Blood.”

So a good decision of yours can have a rewarding effect in this world, sometimes in our lifetime, sometimes in the lifetime of generations to come. Come & Join TEJUS!!!!!!

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