Have you at anytime witnessed a relative of yours or a close friend searching frantically for a blood donor, when blood banks say out of stock, the donors in mind are out of reach and the time keeps ticking? Have you witnessed loss of life for the only reason that a donor was not available at the most needed hour? Is it something that we as a society can do nothing to prevent? This thought laid our foundation.

There are few organizations and communities who have come forward to overcome this issue. “TEJUS”, is one such Charitable Organization formed by keeping all these issues in mind. Also we are trying to bring in latest technology; efficient usage of the existing services so as to build up a good foundation within a short period and also to bring in likeminded people on to a single platform.

So a good decision of yours can have a rewarding effect in this world, sometimes in our lifetime, sometimes in the lifetime of generations to come. Come & Join TEJUS!!!!!!

Our Mission

To make the best use of latest technologies & existing networks in delivering a common platform so as to bring in all the blood donors in India; thereby fulfilling each and every blood request in the country.


• Ajeesh V R - Technopark
• Sabari Gireesan - Technopark
• Sujil S - Technopark
• Anoop K - Technopark
• Brijesh P I - Technopark
• Ratheesh Sahadevan - V S S C
• Asnov J B - Technopark
• Sharon Vijay - Social Worker
• Sanjay Mohan - Advocate

You can contact us through help@tejusindia.com. Please post your requirment details in this mail and we will get back to you as early as posible.

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